This manual is intended for use ,
the device ACSM "IDOLE".
"Automatic Control System Miners"IDOLE" is designed to ensure that any person who decides to engage in the extraction of crypto currencies can afford to do so, but do not have extensive knowledge in this area.
Automatic Manners Control system "IDOLE" is designed to control the number of manners up to 2 pieces.
The ACSM "IDOLE" device is designed to control, monitor and alert miners when mining cryptocurrencies.
The ACSM "IDOLE" device is designed to control, monitor and notify the operation of ALL existing and existing ASIC miners produced by BITMAIN.
The ACSM "IDOLE" device is recommended to be used in conjunction with the MinerBox.
The main components of the device ACSM " IDOLE":
1. Connect the device to the network through the main wire coming out of the end of the device. The switch must be in the "0" position.

2. Power the miner (s) into the outlets on the side of the device.

3. If you want to work on a LAN cable, then connect the cable to the switch, if you want the ACSM "IDOLE" device to convert the signal from wi-fi, then do not perform any manipulations.

4. Connect the Internet wire to the switch and attach it to each miner.

5. Turn on the ACSM "IDOLE" switch by moving to position "1".

6. Expect.

7. The ACSM "IDOLE" system will ask you how to connect to the Internet:
8. Next, if you select wi-fi, you must enter the password of your local network:
9. Then choose a crypto wallet and a pool on which you are going to extract crypto currency:
10. Then enter the selected pool for the 1st and 2nd miner in turn:
11. Press APPLY when you want to save, then FORWARD
12. Reboot your device to save and adapt Your settings, to do this, click OS in the top tabs:
In the scan that opens, click: Restart.
13. After the device restarts, wait about 5 minutes for the device to configure all the necessary settings.
14. After that the following interactive picture will appear on Your screen:
After starting the system, you must write the address to which you will receive notifications, reports and alerts.
Like this. It's very simple.
Good luck mining!
If you have any questions, please use the form "Questions" on the site.
With respect to you the creators of ACSM " IDOLE"